Hello, I'm Libor.

People around the world call me Libo, Laibo, Lebo, Li or hey you, hey man, man in black, Mr.black. Easiest for you, call me


I travel the world and collect information.

The world is not only distant regions, but you can get to know a lot even 50 km from your home. Information, experiences, enjoyment. Sometimes nice, sometimes not nice.

I will gradually introduce you to my experiences.

The CUBE project includes some of them.

It is said that life is like an unwritten book. And I say that life consists of different phases. Every life is made up or assembled from different shards.

We can influence some phases (shards). Sometimes more, sometimes less.

In a nutshell (in CUBE), I will serve you some shards of life. Not just from my life. You will learn how some people perceived the past, they perceive the present and create the future. In every book, in every (shard), there is a lot of information hidden not only from my life and surroundings, but also the lives and environment of other people from our planet.

 If you are very interested in something, you can read one of the books. Enjoy browsing the web and hopefully you will be interested in some shard. Some stories (shards) are not completed and will be accessible in the future. Some shards are complete, but this is not the right time to publish. In any case, they will all be available at the right time

If you want to know more, click on the cube and follow the shards.
If not, have a nice day and be happy.