How much did the trip cost you? It cost me a lot of money, but for others it
  would not be that much.
Why are you not on the photos? Maybe I will upload photos later of myself on
  the trip with the people I met along the way
Why did you travel that route? It was part of my plan from the start.
What is your next plan? You will see later. It will be on my website.
When will we be able to read about  I do not know exactly. The Czech version is 
your trip in your book ? ready. When it is translated into English, I will
  upload it here.
What was your favourite destination? In Hong Kong - it fulfilled all  my expectations.
Which country did you like best? China-great people , fantastic countryside and
  scenery, lovely food etc.
Why are you not adding any tips for travellers, Because everything changes and you don't
on your website? know what will happen each day! Travellers
  from USA , China  or Europe all have
  different visa requirements etc
What do you think about the busted remote A difficult question to answer-After much
control to the  Hi-Fi that has 2  buttons broken thought I think that it is a busted remote
and no batteries? control to the  Hi-Fi that has 2 buttons
  broken and no batteries :o)
Why did you decide to travel by bicycle? With a bicycle you can go anywhere. It is easy
  travel to, maintain and you can get spare
  parts easily.
Have you ever undertaken a similar long bike No, never
Where did you get information to plan your trip? From the internet, books, documentaries
  movies ,magazines , movies, newspapers,
  news programmes, etc.
What was the easiest thing you did on your trip? Relaxing  and lazing about - I am very lazy
  man normally :o)
How old are you? If you put together two of these numbers
  then you will find out - 1234567890  :o)  or
  read the book. It's written there.
Did you have any sponsorship to finance your No, none.
Are you seriously selling a sandglass I really am! It's a great souvenir!
from the Gobi desert or is this a joke?